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Series 5 Electronic Combine Scale

Measures:                Wheat                 Corn                Beans                Other Grains
    The new enhanced Series 5 Combine Yield Monitor gives detailed, accurate production information for landlord shares, test plots, government, and insurance programs.  In addition combine performance can be evaluated as crop conditions and combine adjustments change.  Inaccurate records provided by less accurate monitors result in poor cropping decisions.  Typical costs per acre for a Series 5 figure out to pennies per acre.  A single insurance adjustment can pay for the monitor many times over.  Decide today to invest in tomorrow's profits and order your Series 5 Combine Yield Monitor -- the only monitor with 99% Accuracy. 
Load Memory
Bushels - Acres - Bushels per Acre
Field Memory
Bushels - Acres - Bushels per Acre
Total Memory
Bushels - Acres - Bushels per Acre
Measures Feet-Miles
Measures Miles/Hour
Measures Acres/Hour
Measures % Flow Level
2-Year Warranty
Monitor Combine Efficiency
Instant Evaluation of Fertilizer, Seed & Chemical Trials
Easily Transferred to Other Pieces of Machinery
Accurate Crop Insurance Records
Accurate USDA Records
Measure Your Farm
Divide Lease Ground Shares
Saves Time and Money
    The Acu-Grain Series 5 System is the most accurate yield monitor available today.  The Series 5 System dramatically improves the range for maintaining maximum accuracy with varying auger speeds and crop conditions. 
Requires fewer calibration settings. 
Upgrades available on all previous models.
Bushel Measurement
Acreage Measurement
Linear Measurement
Use On Other Equipment
Pick-up Trucks
A must for Economic Yield Clubs and Farmers interested in increasing profit margins!
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