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At Harvest Time Collect All The Grain That Is Standing In The Field


  • Microprocessor Automatically Controls Hydrostat Speed - Automatically controls the speed of the combine as conditions change: slope, density of crop, header height, width of swath, moisture, weeds, etc..  It's impossible for a human operator to analyze the speed changes that are required when all of these conditions are constantly changing.  This degree of accuracy can only be accomplished through a microprocessor controlled system. 
  • Maximize Efficiency - Maximize combine efficiency by keeping a constant flow of material through combine by compensating for crop and terrain variation.  Keeps a constant load on engine, maximizing the efficiency of the engine itself.  Maximize number of acres cut per day (increase of 20%+). 
  • Enhances Each Operators Ability - The Load Master maintains a constant load while the operator makes adjustments to the cylinder, fan, sieves, and concave. 
  • Improve any combine performance 20+%.
  • Increase crop yield by 2% - 4%.
  • Huge investment return every year.

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